• Innovation
  • Sophistication
  • Ergonomics
  • Aesthetics
  •     Classique Series Alpha Series
    Classique Series

    Alpha Series

    Ergonomics is the core essence for the “Alpha” series, which is equipped with state of the art molded foam to support...

  •     Classique Series Beta Series
    Classique Series

    Beta Series

    Ahhhh, the “Beta”. This is what we at Amjad Associates call the all-purpose chair. Used in various categories, the “Beta” series...

  •     Classique Series Cresta Series
    Classique Series

    Cresta Series

    Concept, cushioning and the unique structure to its groves gives this chair its “Cresta” appearance. Enhanced comfort with the guaranteed...

  •     Classique Series Delta Series
    Classique Series

    Delta Series

    Two soft curved foams, pave way for the “DELTA”. Yes, the “DELTA” fits right in your back. Need it be long working...

  •     Classique Series Eta Series
    Classique Series

    Eta Series

    The “ETA” series is scientifically designed and cushioned with our very own-engineeredmoldedfoam to give utmost...

  •     Classique Series Omega Series
    Classique Series

    Omega Series

    Designed to please the 21st century Chair, the “OMEGA” series is the star in AMJAD ASSOCIATES product portfolio...

  •     Classique Series Sigma Series
    Classique Series

    Sigma Series

    Known as the task chair, the “SIGMA” series is a constant seller. Designed to make-work as productive as possible...

  •     Classique Series Public Seating
    Classique Series

    Public Seating

    The shire elegance of the public sofa’s make it a must have in any organization. Draped with fabric of your choice...