AMJAD ASSOCIATES started of its business venture in the late 80’s as interior designers and built a reputation of doing business with integrity and sincerity. After being successful in the field, AMJAD ASSOCIATES decided to venture into a new field, which was unheard of – ergonomics. We researched and developed concepts for modern seating which otherwise was thought of as unnecessary. However, this did not come overnight. Constant R&D along with a clear vision in mind has made AMJAD ASSOCIATES what it is today. In doing so, along came EASE’O®, a corporate identity. It has now been nearly three decades to the brand and with support from our satisfied clients, the brand continues to grow.
EASE’O® chairs are tastefully equipped across the portfolio, which are deemed to tantalize your creative instinct. With ergonomics the core essence of the brand, EASE’O® is the brand chosen by many organizations across Pakistan. Artistically sewed and scientifically engineered to cater to your needs, EASE’O® chairs have it all. With various products chosen by different organizations / institutions, EASE’O® has been able to climb the corporate ladder and pave the way as the leader in ergonomic seating. EASE’O® chairs are infused with elegance, style and comfort, which are a rare commodity in today’s chair market. With major multi-nationals going the  EASE’O® way, we are constantly building and enhancing our corporate image to further embed and cater to other commercial institutions. With quality and durability a core essence of the organizational ‘mantra’ at AMJAD ASSOCIATES, EASE’O® has risen head and shoulders above the other chair manufacturers in Pakistan. What sets EASE’O® apart is the real question to ask. With over two decades in the industry, the management at AMJAD ASSOCIATES has been able to gain in depth knowledge in catering to customer needs. With mass production and symmetry on all fronts EASE’O® is a class above others. With draping options of over 250 fabrics, EASE’O® is institutional perfection in itself. AMJAD ASSOCIATES has given utmost importance to after sales, which we believe is what has made us grow. The relation we hold with our clients does not end with the delivery of our product. With a sales team and a highly skilled labor force, we are here to keep you satisfied.
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